Why You Need to Label Your Electrical Control Panel?

Why You Need to Label Your Electrical Control Panel?

Let’s get started with an example. You need to go to a certain place in a new city. You arrive there and started to look for the street name and number and unfortunately, you came to know that there is no street name or number marked. You will be lost in finding out the correct address. Now talking about Electrical panels if there is no labeling on the panel it will be dangerous and difficult for the consumer to operate the panel.

Today we  Ecocircuitbreaker.com, will be talking about the importance of labeling a panel. As we are a leading supplier of Electrical equipment and services across the country, our efforts are always towards the safety of personnel and equipment. This is the reason we always persuade the importance of safety and ease of electrical equipment. Let’s talk in detail over this.

Safety Is the Biggest Factor

Electrical equipment is the most important component of your business. If it fails to operate there might be a great chance of destruction to your business. Moreover, the Electrical panel is like the heart, which monitors and governs the flow of electricity.

This importance of electrical panel shows that whenever there is a problem with any equipment, you must know what breaker or fuse is responsible to handle those sections power. This means that if a breaker trips you need to know where it is located and what needs to be checked before resetting it.

Missing out labeling of an electrical panel is one of the most common violations of OSHA. There are heavy fines to be imposed for breaking the rules and it is done for the sole purpose of personnel and equipment safety. So, must label your panels to avoid any tension and a heavy fine.

It Makes Maintenance Easier

In heavy industries, there are tons of machinery and electrical equipment is installed. This equipment also requires maintenance from time to time on a regular bases. So, in the maintenance process unplugging the equipment might be difficult and won’t work. Thus cutting off the power for the whole section is the easiest way and safest method.

Now you reach out the panel to turn off the section and find outs there is not a single label out there on the panel. You will try to figure out the exact breaker for that section and this process will waste your precious time and energy. At that time, you will realize that a simple label would have saved you from this hard work and you would have done something more important than wasting time over this.

Prepare Yourself for Emergencies

At  Ecocircuitbreaker.com we always talk about the importance of backup power in power outages. In any emergency situation related to electrical power, a timely response is the main factor for the safety of humans and equipment. In the case of a manual Square D transfer switch, you must know which breaker is responsible for certain section and circuits. If the panel is clearly labeled it will be much easier to work around it.

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