What Is the Difference Between a Safety Switch & a Circuit Breaker?

What Is the Difference Between a Safety Switch & a Circuit Breaker?

 Ecocircuitbreaker.com’s team is always providing a lot of useful information regarding safety devices and instructions for the sole purpose off saving your business from any harm. Why do we intend to do this? Because there are many false impressions about many devices and concepts. It causes a lot of confusion that results in choosing of wrong equipment which can lead you to a great risk. We will be discussing the difference between circuit breakers and safety switches.

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What’s the Difference?

The common misconception about these two devices is that they are same and function likely. But honestly speaking it is wrong!  Both devices might be present in an electrical control panel but they serve different functions.

A safety switch works by monitoring the current running in electrical circuits for different applications. Generally, safety switches are used for expensive and large equipment such as machines, conveyor belts, heavy equipment. It monitors the flow of current and detects any faults. Whenever it detects any difference of current due to short circuit, leakage or due to any other equipment failure, the safety switch disconnects the power supply within milliseconds.

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Most of you will be familiar with a circuit breaker at homes. Usually, when you try to plug a heater or other powerful device to a small capacity circuit, it will cause a breaker to trip and cut off power. Circuit Breaker works by monitoring the overloading of a circuit. If any circuit starts to draw too much power beyond the limit of breaker it will cause a breaker to trip and cut off the power.

Sounds Similar!

If we look at the functionality of both the devices, there is a great chance that we will come across considering both similar as both of them cut off power when necessary. But in case of the circuit breaker, it will only look up the overload or excess current. It will do nothing in case of electrical leakage or short circuit. That means circuit breaker will never save anyone from shock injury and there is always a chance of getting harmed if you only depend upon CB. This is the most critical difference between both devices.

On the other hand, safety switches will lookup for any irregularities in electrical power flow and will cut off the power if found any. If we try to sum up our discussion and make the ending notes in layman language it would not be wrong if we say, Safety Switch protects people and appliances while Circuit Breakers protect wiring. That is why it is advised to use both the devices for your business protection and people lives.

Safety Switches for Your Commercial Business

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