What Is a Motor Starter?

What Is a Motor Starter?

The industrial and commercial business consists of a large number of expensive equipment installed and to keep the business running smoothly we always need the protection and safety of equipment besides human life. Today we are going to discuss one of the protective tool used with machines, that is a motor starter.

Our business aim is to provide the best reliable products and services to our customers. Do you have motors in your business and want to know how can you protect it? Go through this article it will teach you all the basics of motor starter.

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What Is the Purpose of a Motor Starter?

Motor Starters are used to decrease the damage that can occur due to electrical overloading. This electrical overloading can cause great damages to equipment and as well as to humans. So, as discussed earlier the protective devices are very essential for any business.

What causes a motor to overload? Here are a few of the reasons which cause a motor to overload

·         Electrical Surges

·         Sudden Shifts in loads

·         Initial output load due to heavy equipment starting

·         Other undiagnosed electrical complications

Motor starter provides protection to your motor from the start of its operation. It protects your equipment against overloading from the very start of their operation. It has a safe current limit and when due to any cause of overloading it detects a flow of large current it will cut off the power supply to your motor and saves it from any damage.

Do I Have to Use a Motor Starter? (We recommend Square D Motor Starter)

Yes, if you want to protect your motors from any damage due to any undiscovered electrical mishap you need a protective device with it. However, it depends surely on your need, maybe in some cases, you only need a disconnecting switch while in other you must need to install a motor starter for best protection of your equipment.

So, how to choose when to use what devices for protection? Talking in layman language Square D disconnect switch can be used for smaller applications and a motor starter may be used for high loading equipment.

Are There Different Kinds of Motor Starters?

Motor starters came in different variations depending upon their way of use and specifications. If you don’t understand the differences and are confused about the correct protection device, we would suggest you talk to our professional electrical engineers. If you are interested to learn more, we have listed details about different types of motor starters in our motor starter page.

Types of Motor Starters PSI Offers

We at PSI offers three major motor Starters, which we are going to discuss briefly here. Lets’ have a look at how are they different from each other.

Wye-delta open transmission It is a standard electromagnetic system. It safely reduces the voltage during the operation of heavy commercial equipment. It is often used for the operations of air compressors and water pumps.

Wye-delta starter OEM It is a sub-panel mounted system and has 120V coils. The latest version of this starter has a timer system which was initially not incorporated.

Soft-Start Solid State It is often used in large commercial equipment. It is an RVS (reduced voltage starter), that operates by using fluid, magnetic coupling, or steel shot to reduce starting current and control torque. Soft-start starters are usually used in generators, conveyor belts, and other general functions. Our product catalog included in this category is Overload Relay, SCRs, and Bypass Contactor.

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