A tapered roller bearing is made up of tapered raceways and tapered rollers. The raceways are inner and outer rings. It has the ability to handle a combination of loads whether radial or axial. At the bearing axis, the raceway lines converge to enhance rolling and lower frictional force. The magnitude of the contact angle usually determines how much the load capacity can be increased. If the degree of angle is high, the contact angle will be high and vice versa. To improve load handling, tapered roller bearings are usually combined, such as in the wheels of vehicles. They are also used in heavy-duty applications.

Uses of tapered roller bearings

They are found in a wide range of everyday applications such as vehicle wheels. Apart from the automobile industry, tapered roller bearings are also used in the farming and agricultural sector. They are used to support different types of axial load in different directions. Tapered roller bearings are also used in wheel and axles, railroad axles, propellers, engines and reducers, gearboxes, mining, and construction.

Advantages of tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings reduce frictional forces and heat generated between components. The shape of the bearing makes it possible for the load to be transferred evenly. It also reduces wear and tear and enhances the durability of parts. This is why they are universally used in shafts and rotating axles. Tapered roller bearings do not require much maintenance and they are very durable. Their reliability also makes it possible for them to be used for heavy-duty applications.

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