User Guide for Eaton Magnum Manual Transfer Switch

Eaton Magnum Manual Transfer Switch User Guide

A transfer switch is a device which controls the flow of electric power between utility and backup source. Today we are going to discuss a manual transfer switch manufactured by Eaton. Magnum Manual- made by Eaton, can safely switch the power between utility and backup source if used correctly. In this guide, we will describe the basics of its installation, working, and maintenance.

Handling & Storage

Some electrical devices are very sensitive and extra precautions must be taken while handling and installing. Listed below are few precautionary measures to be taken while handling and storage of Electrical equipment, in this case specifically Eaton transfer switch:

·         Do not remove the protective packing until ready for installation

·         Keep safe from getting affected by any source

·         Do a thorough inspection for damage before installation

·         Do not stack with another switch on top or anything else

·         Store in dry and moistureless place

·         Store with intact packaging

Eaton Magnum Manual Transfer Switch Installation

Before installing the switch, ensure that the surface is rigid and dust-free. No moisture should be present around. There is a special NEMA enclosure available in the market for transfer switches. Also, look out for concealed cables and conduits while selecting the location so, that any potential hazards can be avoided. Make sure that the openings have enough clearance for incoming and outgoing wires.

After finalizing the location place the enclosure to the firm around the wall and fix it with screws. Now, place the switch inside the enclosure and bolt it firmly. Double-check the enclosure and switch to ensure it is attached firmly and remove any leftover packing material.

Keeping the transfer switch parts safe, make the openings for incoming and outgoing cables as much as needed. File the openings and make them smooth. Inspect all the cables and make sure their compliance with standard electrical codes and voltage ratings as per agreement.

Run a continuity, insulation and short circuit test for cables before installing. After that prepare the cables for termination, use proper terminating kit and components for it. Now, take out the wirings diagram supplied with switch and install the wires as per given instructions.

Testing & Troubleshooting

After installing the switch, testing should be done to identify any problems either mechanical or electrical that may be present at an early stage. After erasing all the faults that may be present at an early stage, performs the tests as per the generator set.

Troubleshooting a generator varies model to model, but basic tests are usually the same for the generator sets. Normally you need to start with voltage ratings, frequency, general lookup for burned parts or components, continuing to check cables and terminal voltages between equipment to locate the problematic area.

Eaton Magnum Manual Transfer Switch Maintenance

All electrical devices and equipment need to be properly maintained. A transfer switch is a low-maintenance device, however it is also important to periodically maintain the device for its proper function. Here we will share Eaton’s maintenance procedure:

·         Make sure to disconnect all sources before inspection and maintenance.

·         Lookup for any physical damage to the switch

·         Clean the surface from dust or any other pollutant using a cloth or soft brush

·         Erase the sources of pollution

·         Check for any mechanical issues

·         Replace the contacts if contacts are worn out

·         Workout the switching device for easy operation

·         Inspect and replace enclosure filters in required

·         Replace all the equipment taken off after completing the maintenance

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