Ultimate Tips For Maintaining An Electric Transformer

Electrical transformers are among the most expensive and important electrical appliances. An electrical transformer is so important for optimal performance as well as improved production. It is so important that you plan for regular checkups and maintenance to ensure the health of your transformer.

There are two ways of maintaining your transformer. The first one is performed on a regular basis while the other one is normally performed during the time of emergency. In case maintenance checkups are performed on a regular basis, you will not experience any breakdown maintenance and that will save you downtime.

There are many kinds of check-ups that need to be done on a transformer. The following are some to the tasks that you need to perform:

Monthly check-ups for a transformer:

  1. Inspect the oil level within the oil cap every month so as to make sure that it does not drop below the required level so as to avoid any damage.
  2. Always make sure that the breathing holes within the silica gel breather are always clean so as to ensure proper breathing of the transformer.
  3. In case your transformer consists of oil filling bushing, ensure that oil is filled up t the set limit.

Daily checkups and testing for a transformer:

You should run 3 tests in your transformer every day:

  1. Inspect the level of the magnetic oil gauge (MOG) of the main tank as well as the conservator tank. Make sure the MOG is always maintained to a proper level.
  2. In case the silica gel turns to pink, replace it with a new one
  3. Seal any leakage if detected.

The annual maintenance schedule for a transformer

The oil pumps, air fans together with other components used in cooling down the transformer and controlling the circuit have to be inspected annually.

  1. Ensure that you clean all the bushings found in your transformer. Use a soft cotton cloth to do this.
  2. Examine the oil condition of the OLTC. You can do this by draining some oil samples from the drain valve and then testing the moisture content (PPM) as well as the dielectric strength (BDV). In case you identify that there is low BDV while high PPM, then you have to replace the oil.
  3. Ensure that you clean the inside section of all marshaling boxes. Test to identify if space and the illumination heaters are functioning, as they should. Tighten all the terminal connections as well as the control and relay wiring.
  4. All the alarms, switches, and relays together with their circuits, relay, changer control panel as well as the control panel have to be cleaned using proper cleaning detergent.
  5. Inspect all the winding temperature indicator pockets as well as oil temperature indicators to see if they have the required amount of oil.
  6. Test if the Buchholz is properly functioning. Just do this by pressing and releasing the relay device.
  7. Ensure that you test the resistive earth connection value as well as rizer. Do this using a clamp on the earth resistance meter.

Maintaining a transformer on a semi-annual basis

Your transformer has to inspect every six months for DDA, IFT, sludge content, flash point, water content, acidity as well as dielectric strength together with resistance against the transformer oil.

Current transformer maintenance

A current transformer is an essential component of every equipment that is running in an electrical substation as it ensures protection and measures electricity. Insulation resistance of the current transformer must be inspected annually.

  1. Perform a Thermo vision scanning upon all the basic terminals as well as the top dome of alive current transformer annually.
  2. All current secondary transformers’ connections have to be inspected, cleaned, and tightened on a yearly basis so as to makes sure that the secondary currents consist of the lowest resistance channel.

Despite the fact that your electrical transformer might seem to work smoothly, but without proper maintenance, it can experience serious damage and hence the total failure of your transformer. To avoid such situations, contact our team of professionals who will help you in installing and maintaining your transformer.

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