Top Best Gardening Tools

Gardening is a chore that requires a lot of time and is very strenuous. But it can be made easy if you have the correct equipment. It’ll be easy to do the plantation, maintenance and making your outdoor area beautiful. A whole lot of a burden is decreased if you are using the right equipment. This will save you precious time and you can enjoy more by spending quality time on your lawn.  

Now below are some of the equipment, which can be used in gardening and which will save you time. People are using them for a long time in one shape or another. There are also some updated and latest models of equipment available.

1. Hori-Hori Knife

This is a tool whose origin is from Japan. It has two parts. One part is called a trowel and the other part is called a knife. It is used in the area which has mountains and is stony. This is used for relocating the dwarf trees and tubers dig.

Some common types of trowels don’t have great strength. They will be curved if you are applying pressure to dig up a hard rock or root. However, there is also another type known as the bomb proof hori-hori. This has a strong trowel that will not easily curve. This is because it has a tough wooden handle, inside which is a scale of steel rod. The blade in this is kind of thin. This helps get in places that are tight and for the cutting of roots that are tangled, the jagged edge is quite useful. There is also another modernized type of hori-hori. This is useful for the planting of bulbs. This is because at the blade’s backside there are markings for the inches.

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2. Edging Knife

This is another category of knife for gardening. To cut over the field or lawn mats in such a way so that grass will not go into the flower bed, edging knife is used.

There is a long handle present on the edging knives. It looks like a spade. At the bottom side, there is a flat blade. This knife is useful in providing the energy which will help push this over stems of grass of the lawn. To keep a clean line around the corners of the lawn, these knives are very helpful for this purpose. This process makes the lawn look very strident.

3. Leaf Shredder

There are very different types of leaf shredders. One of them is a standalone model and another model is made in such a way that it can be attached to a blower for leaf or lawnmower.

In this, the leaves are completely shredded and turned into a type of soil instead of packing them all in a bag and keeping them on the restrain. Put the wasted leaves into the shredder. However, there is a much better way of doing this. There is a tool for law which motorized by gas. There is a shredder attached to it. Suck all the leaves in them. They will be shredded down in a perfect form in a group and can be used as a source of nutrition for flower beds or it can also be used as a conditioner for soil which is very good.

4. Pole Pruners

There are many types of pole pruners with each one having a unique purpose. You won’t need a ladder after using this for your tress.

The telescoping pruner is the most common type of pole pruner that is used. It is made up of a combination of lopping blade which is used to cut limbs to the diameter of about an inch and saw that is short in size which is used for cutting large limbs. Along with the pole is a rope that swings by it. By pulling this rope, the lopper is started. This can go up to 15 feet or maybe more depending on the type of the model. If you need to do heavy tree work, use gas and electrically motorized models. If your work is on a smaller scale, some models have a hand pruner’s shaped like blades. They are used on trees for fruits to do the fine-scale trimming. 

5. Cherry Picker

If you don’t feel like getting on a tree or a ladder to pick up fruits, use the cherry picker. This will help you in this regard.

There are several types of cherry pickers. They come in different forms and lengths. Their forms and lengths depend upon the tree size and the fruit type you are picking. It is made up of a claw which is of metal and also contains a basket that will gather the fruits you are picking. Don’t get confused with the name that it can only be used for cherries. You can use this equipment to reap any kind of fruit. It is the only garden equipment that gives fun by using it but also it saves time.

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