The Ultimate Guide For Saving Energy & Money With Your Electrical Motor

Electrical motors can be found in many areas such as in our homes, and plants. They are also used in the construction industry as well as in different applications. However, these motors can be the source of draining your pocket if they are not efficient or if they are poorly maintained.

Below are 6 ways of saving your energy and money by ensuring that you improve your motor performance.

  1. Get to learn more about load types

Your electrical motor works by converting electrical power into rotational energy. Its ability to consume energy depends on two factors which are speed and load. This means that fast motors having no loads will consume less energy while slow motors having full loads will consume great amounts of energy. In order to come up with an energy-saving plan, you will have to put into consideration the type of load. Besides, there are forces that affect the load type. These include:

Strategy: Save energy by minimizing the operating time

Strategy: Save energy by enhancing the system efficiency

  • Inertia: This includes flywheels, rolling mills, centrifuges, etc.

Strategy: Save energy by using an intelligent motor control system

  • Drag: This includes ceiling fans, centrifugal pumps, etc.

Strategy: Save energy by minimizing speed

  • Switching off your motor

This is one of the fundamental principles for energy conservation in any electrical construction project. This starts from a single bulb all the way to heavy-duty machines such as generators. Makes sure that you switch off your motor when it is not in use so as to conserve energy and reduce tear and wear.

Install soft start controllers when you install construction electrical motors. Starters are known to reduce about 70% of the strains which originate from mechanical and electrical systems during motor startups. This reduces the damage which is caused by regular starting and stopping.

  • Buy efficient motors

In case you have an old motor that is always in operation, consider replacing it with an efficient one. You can get one from Electrocircuitbreakers, as we supply efficient motors and other electrical materials that will ensure your safety and energy consumption efficiency.

The latest version of NEMA/IE3 motors has been designed in a way that saves energy. In case you have already installed one of these, make sure that you upgrade the starter too. If you can not find any suitable replacement, then you should consider the motor rewinds.

  • Make sure that you design effect systems

Your electrical system has to be designed in such a way that it offers the highest efficiency, thus allowing motors to operate when it is necessary. There is no need to invest in high-performance electrical supplies in case you have an efficient system.

Make sure that you know when and where the motor is unnecessarily operating, then create a system that allows it to start automatically and stop when it is needed. Level detectors, sensors, programmable logic controllers, soft starters, surge protectors are essential in improving system efficiency.

  • Ensure that the motor drives are well maintained

Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs are the commonly used solution when it comes to saving energy in electrical systems. These motor drives allow you to control speed as well as torque while letting you convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

A VFD which is efficiently performing can conserve up to 55% in energy costs, but it has to be well-maintained. Skipping routine maintenance can cause serious system breakdowns, and that means you would need to replace the motor or drive when this happens.

  • Make sure that you have installed the right size

A motor is efficient if it is running at or near its full load conditions. when there is a reduction in the load that means there will be a drop inefficiency. This happens to the latest high-efficient motor models too. Install controllers as this will help you save energy.

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