Should you get a Manual Transfer Switches for Grocery Store?

Manual Transfer Switches for Grocery Stores

Trusted Backup Power Solutions:

Consistent power is vital to run the operation of a grocery store smoothly. Without backup solutions, you are exposing your business to risk no matter small one or big enterprise. Our company provides you with a solution (Manual Transfer Switch) to backup your stores with a consistent power to save yourself from the potential security risks, and help in maintaining a good relationship with loyal customers.

We built custom manual transfer switches according to the needs of customers and his business so that stay powered up and generate sales. Our Electrical engineers work closely with the customer to know about their specific requirements to meet the expectation of the customer. Our custom-built manual switches are easy to use with the backup generators and help you in taking a competitive edge over the competitors, keep your store open regardless of power outages.

If you require more information, contact our support center and learn more about manual transfer switches from our qualified engineers.

Transfer Switches Following UL Listed Manual for Grocery Stores

Manual transfer switches differ according to the size and location of the area. By taking into account the safety and NEMA standards, our engineers do a thorough analysis of a place. Provide a custom-built manual switch that best suits your grocery store according to the conditions.

Manual transfer switches built by our company for your grocery store are according to the UL listed manual. Our engineer’s particular focus is on UL specifications, so that manual switches built to meet all UL specifications, including those which are in UL 1008 standard. When talking about the configuration, Yes they are available both fused and non-fusible configuration.

This includes:

•         Made in compliance NEC regulations

•          60 Seconds Hi-pot test

•          Safety box with door for unconnected cables

•          Cam-style male connector

•          Power distribution block

•          2 circuit breakers with mechanically interlocked molded case

•          Grounded terminals

•          Much more, Contact us

Use Manual Transfer Switches in Grocery Stores

Without backup power, you cannot run a grocery store. There are power outages caused by different reasons, emergency or planned by the utility company. Manual transfer switches help you to overcome this power issue by providing backup power to your grocery store and power up the following things listed below.

Lights: When there are power outage people love to go outside spend time and do some shopping.  You can have a competitive edge to generate a sale and make a strong relationship with the customer at your grocery store while others were sitting idle in the dark.

Air Condition: People love to shop in a pleasant environment. Your grocery store Air condition and equipment will work consistently during outages.

Security systems: Increase your security by running the backup electric power and capture every moment when there is a power outage.

Refrigerator: In power outages, it prevents the spoilage of food and the melting of frozen products by quickly supplying the backup power to the generators.

Geysers: Supply warm water throughout the store by providing power to the water heaters in power outage.

Computers/ other systems: It keeps the cash counter and office computers running and makes the operations smooth by providing backup power.

There is much more.

Why Us for Manual Transfer Switches

By meeting international standards, our company provides clients with high-quality products at reasonable rates by precisely considering their needs. Why prefer us:

•         100% customer level of satisfaction

•         Before/ On-time delivery

•         24 hours of qualified engineers for support

•         Material warranty for one year

•         UL certified products

•         Quick response to problems

•         Private label manufacturing

We helped many grocery stores with their problems related to power. If you also need help or knowledge about manual transfer switch contacts our support now. Our engineers are available 24/7 to help you.

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