Is a gravity spray gun better than a suction spray gun (Bink, Sata, Anest Iwata)?

You have two choices for spraying guns being attached to the compressor. One is a Binks gravity spray gun that has the paint container on its top and a suction Binks spray gun where a paint container is attached below. The way spray is fed to the nozzle determines the difference between these two guns.

The name also says that gravity pulls paint or other material such as cellulose in the Binks spray gun and when one pulls the trigger atomization happens at a specific pressure. This finally fed paint to the nozzle. Compressed air is used by the Binks suction air gun to create a vacuum that siphons the paint from the container of paint into the spray gun. More compressed air is required by the Anest Iwata suction spray guns as compared to the Anest Iwata gravity spray gun. Personal preference will tell which is the better gun.

Usage of every paint drop in the container and lighter make the Sata gravity spray guns a better choice as compared to the Sata suction spray guns. They also do small spray jobs very easily. While Sata suction spray guns are more natural in use and can be used at specific angles as compared to the Sata gravity spray gun. Any gun you use must produce best and adequate results time after time. It should be compatible with the air compressor.

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