Functions of A Furnace Limit Switch And Methods to Keep It In A Good Shape?

One of the great features of the current furnaces is that they have incorporated defenses against many of the things that may go erroneous with your system. Among those protection devices, which likewise play a role in the regular heating course, is the furnace limit switch. Now we are going to discuss what a furnace limit switch fixes, what can get incorrect with it and how you can retain it in the worthy figure!

What Is A Furnace Limit Switch?

When your kiln starts a heating series, it takes a slight time for your flames to heat up. As a result, your air handler needs to delay to turn on since then it would be supplying cool or unexcited air to your rooms.

A limit switch is a piece of equipment which situated below your furnace’s source meeting. It gauges the temperature of the meeting and waits until it gets suitably warm. When the meeting attains a specific temperature, the limit switch drives a sign to the air handler to start working and distributing warm air to your house.

The limit switch also functions as safety equipment for your kiln. When the temperature within the meeting becomes excessively hot, it closes off the gas source to your flames to stop your kiln and heat exchanger from high temperatures.

What Happens If Your Furnace Limit Switch Stops Working Properly? 

As time passes, the kiln’s limit switch may get problems. These difficulties are most usually caused by airflow matters in the system. If your kiln does not have suitable airflow, similar to when it is working with a dirty filter, the heat exchanger will recurrently overheat and set your limit switch via surplus wear and tear. This may finally make it to a fault. 

Irrespective of the basis of the complications, a faulty limit switch will lead to problems with your system. For instance, the air handler may never turn on during your house’s heating rounds because the limit switch isn’t effectively transferring it an indicator. Or the kiln may generate excessive temperature without closing since your limit switch isn’t closing the gas to your flames after it should. 

How Can You Make Sure Your Kiln Limit Switch Remains In Good Shape? 

One method to retain your limit switch in a respectable figure is to timetable a furnace inspection every year.

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