It is not uncommon to see computers with a mouse. This mouse usually has some buttons and each button has its importance and relevance. There is also a scroll wheel between these two buttons, and this scroll wheel makes it easier for us to navigate a webpage with ease.

The push button and switch performs a similar function in a machine control interface. This makes it easier to operate the machine. Hence, less effort is required. A selector switch allows us keep track of rotational movements, while an emblematic push button allows us to keep track of linear movements. So, are there any reasons to choose one over another?

  1. A selector switch makes it possible to ascertain the status of your machine interface even if it is not in a working condition. So, if you want a good visibility of status, the selector switch should be your choice.
  2. With a selector switch, we can assume total control even when wearing gloves than we would do with a push button. This is because the surface area of a push button is typically small albeit there are a few that have been designed with large heads.
  1. If you are thinking about the possibility of navigating a machine or piece of equipment without necessarily looking at it, a selector switch may fit the bill. This is because a selector switch usually has a large handle. Hence, it is easier to locate without focusing your eyes on it.
  1. As far as the speed of actuation is concerned, the push button has an advantage. This is because it can be used repetitively as it only requires the movement of any of the fingers. On the other hand, a selector switch has to be turned, and twisting of the wrist is required.

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