With a circuit breaker, we can prevent electrical injuries and accidents. It disrupts the flow of current when an overload occurs. It is a way of limiting the magnitude of current that makes its way into an electrical circuit. Therefore, it protects the appliances in a home from getting destroyed.

To make the most of a circuit breaker, you have to factor so many things in your thought process. Here are a few things you must consider.

Electricity consumption

The electricity requirements for different houses are not the same. A larger building will logically need more power than a smaller building. Hence the current in a small building may be capped. When choosing a circuit breaker, you must think of the voltage requirement of the building. Hence, the voltage capacity of the breaker must be commensurate with the operational demands of the building. Therefore, you must know the building’s voltage requirement, voltage type, and load current.

Wire size

The gauge of the cable will give an indication of the type and size of circuit breaker that is required.


 Where the circuit breaker will be placed has an influence on the type of circuit breaker to choose from. If mechanical shock is prevalent where the breaker will be used, you may want to install an anti-shock device. If there is high moisture in the place, it means the breaker is prone to corrosion and mold. You also have to consider factors like ambient temperature also.


Some circuit breakers require constant and continuous maintenance while others don’t. Maintenance procedures include re-tightening loose components, getting rid of dust, and calibration.


There are different brands of circuit breakers and you want to opt for a reputable brand. The brand you choose depends on the brand of breaker panels. Some breaker panels work well with varying circuit breaker brands, while others do not.


The industry where the breaker will be used also plays a key part. The circuit breaker requirement for the aviation sector may be different from that of the production sector. Look at what your industry requires before choosing a circuit breaker.

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