Binks Gravity Feed vs Conventional (Siphon) Feed Spray Guns (valid Sata, ITW Ransburg)

You have a choice between gravity feed and conventional feed while selecting a Binks spray gun. It is not ok to call the conventional feed spray gun as ‘siphon-feed’ because it has a specific meaning. Many technicians use this for determining ‘cup on the bottom’. Difference between siphon feed and gravity feed gun is described in this article:

Gravity & Siphon Feed Spray Guns: A Brief History

In auto repair body conventional feed guns are widely used. Before the Binks HVLP launch, conventional feed spray guns are termed as siphon-feed. Devilbiss is one of the oldest and trusted brands for siphon-feed guns. Gravity great feed guns are also made by them.

 Conventional feed spray guns become old and gravity feed spray guns became popular in the 1980s. Binks HVLP introduction for being environmentally friendly has made them a painters choice and gravity feed a very natural choice.

Fluid Atomization: The Big Difference in Sata Spray Guns

Atomization of a fluid is also a difference between these two Sata guns. When the paint leaves the Sata fluid nozzle it is known as atomization.

Two passageways are present in Sata spray gun: one for the air and the other is for fluid. Vacuum formation at the fluid passage by air rushing is the achievement of atomization. Air mix with fluid and mist is ejected from the nozzle.

Paint has to be drawn from below the gun or is fed from the top down into the nozzle for achieving sufficient atomization. Greater air pressure in the Sata siphon-feed guns is the main restriction in using Sata HVLP systems. It is difficult to keep air pressure low and adequate vacuum. Lower air pressure is achieved by pressurizing the cup for all those users who prefer Sata feed spray guns. The fluid is forced to the feed tube by the siphon process. The pressurized cup is identified by air presence from the air supply of the cup.

If you want more information regarding air pressure to paint guns to take a look at our article regarding it.

 Advantages of Binks Gravity Feed Spray Guns

Following are advantages of Binks gravity feed spray guns as compared to conventional spray guns:

1. Low air pressure

Siphon feed design limitations are reduced by gravity feed as less air is required for paint atomization. It makes the spray gun more efficient.

Less overspray means more control

When you spray with less air pressure it means less waste, overspray, and waste for the painter.

  • Easy cleaning

Cup is on the top of the gun which makes cleaning very easy.

3.Quality paint

The efficiency of the gun is discussed here. As these guns are more efficient as compared to the traditional counterparts it results in better finishes.


Clear coats are also done by it.

This is the reason why painters are switching from conventional guns to the gravity feed guns throughout the year.

Advantages of Siphon Feed Spray Guns

These guns have no longer any advantages as compared to their past. Still auto refinishes industry has a special place.

For specialized and thinner coatings this is a good gun. The splatter effect is done in a very good way by these guns. For metallic paints and pigments, these guns work best.

These paints are easier to spray. It has a conventional and user-friendly design for easy spraying. Old school painters still prefer this gun.


Gravity feed gun is a very good choice due to its efficient and versatile design. Still, Sata HVLP is a basic need in many guns abut even if this technology is not in use gravity feed guns require low air pressure. If you are using traditional Sata spray guns then you would like a siphon spray feed gun.

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