Binks Gravity Feed Spray Guns vs Binks Suction Feed Spray Guns (Sata and ANEST IWATA)

For feeding a Binks air spray feed gun gravity and suction are one among the three ways. They have benefits along with the disadvantages. We will cover both of them. If you want a comparison between these two types and Binks air spray gun as well you need to see this article:

Gravity feed spray guns

For coating smaller batches Anest Iwata gravity feed spray guns are used. They are easy to clean up and quick. Fine atomization is provided by them and is used for all types of spray guns including Anest Iwata LVMP, Anest Iwata HVLP or conventional. Flow should be by itself on the material is the main disadvantage of it. So heavy body coatings are not done using it. For best coating, it should move on till the end of the surface without thinner use. If you are adding excessive thinner than think of using a Binks pressure feed gun.


1. Easy cleaning

2. Affordable ( $400-$700)

3. Will help you achieve a very fine finish

4. Slower fluid amounts are delivered best for touch-ups and smaller projects

5. Disposable insert liner makes color change very quick and easy.

6. Good atomization control of air


-Smaller material amount

-Painters seem to dislike weight on the painting gun

-Fluid delivery control is limited

-Heavy bodied coatings are not sprayed well


-Automotive painting

-Wood finishings on the smaller projects like furniture pieces or individual cabinets

-High production facilities use it for color matching

-Touch up painting for metal fabrication

-Inserts e.g. decks are used for frequent color changes


Air which passes over the coating is used for drawing the material by the suction cup pickup tube and nozzle. It is easy to use. The method through which the gun uses to pick air automatically sets the high pressure. The only drawback is that you cannot control the atomization air pressure. The cost of this gun is the same as a Anest Iwata gravity-fed spray gun. The Anest Iwata suction fed spray gun is preferred as the material is below the gun and not above it. Quick color fix change is not allowed by using these Anest Iwata suction feed spray guns.




-Comfortable than the gravity fed spray guns

-Unique finishing effects are achieved by using these guns and adhesives are used for special coatings


-Heavy bodied coatings difficulty

-Not easy color changes procedure

-Due to large fluid nozzles, the fine finish is not achieved

-Atomization control is less as compared to the gravity-fed spray gun.

This gun is used in the following situations:

-For low viscosity coatings and adhesives applications

-With small batches, longer paint times are critical and finish quality is not an issue. 

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