Bearing- NUP (RIP, RP)

This type of cylindrical bearing is characterized by a double ribbed outer ring and a singly ribbed inner ring. It also has an abutting loose rib that enables the bearing to bear light load in different directions. The factors that determine the capacity of radial and thrust loads for the NJ type are the same as this. It exists in sizes ranging from 80mm to 2000mm.

It has so many design attributes. For instance, it provides axial location and carries light thrust loads in both directions. It also has an abutting loose rib and outer and inner rings.

It is often used in power generation equipment such as gear drives, gearboxes, and pulverizers. Furthermore, it has relevance in the cement making industry where it is used in equipment such as crushers, gear reducers, rotary kilns, pillow blocks, conveyor drives, and trunnions.

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