Automatic Transfer Switch-Pros & Cons

Automatic Transfer Switch-Pros & Cons:

In this modern era from a single home to a leading industry, everyone is consuming electricity abundantly; it is the essential need of industry nowadays. The production process is highly demanding the electric supply and can get ceased in its absence. The vital need for power urges businesses to include the alternative source (generators) in their contingency planning to overcome power outages due to any incident or mainly powerful disaster. With the use of a generator, they typically need a transfer switch.

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Whether the transfer switch should be manual or automatic? We have provided enough detail in our previous discussions if you are a newbie or don’t have an idea you must check them out for better understanding and knowledge If you have an idea, then it’s great we are going to discuss in detail the pros and cons of an automatic switch today.

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What’s Automatic Transfer Switch?

As by the word automatic in its name, you can get the idea that automatic transfer switch doesn’t require input, and work automatically. An automatic transfer switch is in a Square D tap box. It acts as a link between the backup generator and equipment. In case of an incident or power outage, the Automatic switch function is to provide power to the designated circuit.

 Automatic switch installation helps seamlessly changing power. It detects the power outage from the grid and switches over to the generator to provide power to the equipment and when grid power gets restored switch automatically changes back. Automatic transfer switch provides some other significant benefits, which include:

•         Quick restoration of a power outage

•         Automatic operation

•         Safe operation than manual restoration

Drawbacks of Automatic transfer switch?

Every business has different types of equipment and machines, so the power system and automatic switches are made according to them. They are custom according to the needs of an organization and installation is according to that which makes them costly than the manual switch. When you are going for the automation, keep in mind that you have to wait until the installation of a transfer switch emergency system.

Automatic transfer switches are an electrical appliance, so they need to be maintained regularly to function accurately and avail the uninterrupted services. Maintenance cost is not that much, but in comparison to the manual, it is negligible, but we cannot neglect it.

Brief detail:


•         Increased safety

•         Quick connection

•         No labor required for a switch

•         No complicated process for switching


•         Expensive then manual switch

•         Require regular maintenance

•         Take time in installation

Recommendations by our certified team:

We highly recommend Square D Automatic transfer switch. In this modern era of business, competition is very high, and automation becomes vital to get accuracy and safety. Automatic transfer switch provides smooth power to run operations in times of emergency.

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