A competitor gave the description for their watertight limit switch as thus: “…have internal parts that are protected against splashing or hose-directed water seepage within the limits of the NEMA specified tests for type 4 watertight enclosures. These switches are not sleet or ice-proof.”

Literally they’re saying, “It’s not actually waterproof”.

For engineers who are searching for a compact size, very waterproof and can’t-kill-it – with-a-hammer limit switch we have, well … our entire product range. To break it down, let’s take a look at the major types of switches we make and switch configurations.

For a truly waterproof, can’t-kill-it-with-a-hammer and small sized limit switch, we have all you need with all we have in our product line. For a better understanding, let’s go through foremost types of switches we manufacture, with switch configurations.

 E1 Series Limit Switches

If you take one of our temporary or retained contact pendant sealed Santoprene or Neoprene (extended temperature range) switches and combine them with ***’s unique actuators and bracket mounting solutions, the outcome is a large line of durable limit switches that can be conveniently customized for your specific applications, usually with a purchase off the shelf from one of our distributors. Various combinations of travel variables, electrical configurations roller lever or panel mount setups as well as our standard high-endurance features are sold as standard products.

Ball and Plunger Limit Switches

The J4 series limit switches: We have this in both the ball and plunger variation. These have gotten great acceptance for use in submarines, emergency and work trucks, construction vehicles and even military vehicles. You can activate these switches mechanically by the opening up of a valve and letting it reach the limit of its travel, or transmission sliding into neutral, or the closing of a door or hood or any of the several available applications where durability and size were the main concerns.

Built of all stainless steel with a proprietary double locking system, these switches are typically the final resort of engineers who don’t want to play around with safety limit switches that malfunction on the field. That’s because our limit switches configurations have applied to more than one million cycles.

You get to say “Heavy Duty” easily with *** limit switches.

Did we tell you that our limit switches operate at -40F or 220F and they operate perfectly well underwater?

*** limit switches are weatherproof and waterproof.

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