What is the difference between open transition and a closed transition?

What is the difference between open transition and a closed transition? 

In short, it is open and closed transition Square D transfer switches.

We can guide you about open and closed transition if you are not aware of that?

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Difference between open and closed Square D transfer switches is :

Mostly backup Generators use the Automatic Square D transfer switch (ATS) to transfer on load, it offers abrupt, safe and effective changing over during the utility power off. There is a wide range of ATS in the market and each has its specification and applications. Among these open and closed transition switches are very commonly used.  These products have a very effective impact on your operations.

 Short break (open transition) is necessary before to make switch function.  Before utility get shut down, this switch establishes a connection with the generator, so as soon as the power goes off it starts the supply from the generator. Mostly people prefer to buy open transition switches because they are less expensive and also compatible with most business requirements.

On the other hand, a closed transition Automatic transfer function offers the same function with a very small difference in function in “ make before break” features that add advancement in the latest electricity technology. A small break which sometimes generates an open system can be countered by closed switch because it allowed the two power sources to overlap.

This is the primary difference between these ATS systems, both providing the desirable solution but industries where we have very sensitive equipment and machines, medical facilities, data centers and like businesses give priority to closed switches to overcome split-second change over in power.  

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What Is a Motor Starter?

What Is a Motor Starter?

The industrial and commercial business consists of a large number of expensive equipment installed and to keep the business running smoothly we always need the protection and safety of equipment besides human life. Today we are going to discuss one of the protective tool used with machines, that is a motor starter.

Our business aim is to provide the best reliable products and services to our customers. Do you have motors in your business and want to know how can you protect it? Go through this article it will teach you all the basics of motor starter.

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What Is the Purpose of a Motor Starter?

Motor Starters are used to decrease the damage that can occur due to electrical overloading. This electrical overloading can cause great damages to equipment and as well as to humans. So, as discussed earlier the protective devices are very essential for any business.

What causes a motor to overload? Here are a few of the reasons which cause a motor to overload

·         Electrical Surges

·         Sudden Shifts in loads

·         Initial output load due to heavy equipment starting

·         Other undiagnosed electrical complications

Motor starter provides protection to your motor from the start of its operation. It protects your equipment against overloading from the very start of their operation. It has a safe current limit and when due to any cause of overloading it detects a flow of large current it will cut off the power supply to your motor and saves it from any damage.

Do I Have to Use a Motor Starter? (We recommend Square D Motor Starter)

Yes, if you want to protect your motors from any damage due to any undiscovered electrical mishap you need a protective device with it. However, it depends surely on your need, maybe in some cases, you only need a disconnecting switch while in other you must need to install a motor starter for best protection of your equipment.

So, how to choose when to use what devices for protection? Talking in layman language Square D disconnect switch can be used for smaller applications and a motor starter may be used for high loading equipment.

Are There Different Kinds of Motor Starters?

Motor starters came in different variations depending upon their way of use and specifications. If you don’t understand the differences and are confused about the correct protection device, we would suggest you talk to our professional electrical engineers. If you are interested to learn more, we have listed details about different types of motor starters in our motor starter page.

Types of Motor Starters PSI Offers

We at PSI offers three major motor Starters, which we are going to discuss briefly here. Lets’ have a look at how are they different from each other.

Wye-delta open transmission It is a standard electromagnetic system. It safely reduces the voltage during the operation of heavy commercial equipment. It is often used for the operations of air compressors and water pumps.

Wye-delta starter OEM It is a sub-panel mounted system and has 120V coils. The latest version of this starter has a timer system which was initially not incorporated.

Soft-Start Solid State It is often used in large commercial equipment. It is an RVS (reduced voltage starter), that operates by using fluid, magnetic coupling, or steel shot to reduce starting current and control torque. Soft-start starters are usually used in generators, conveyor belts, and other general functions. Our product catalog included in this category is Overload Relay, SCRs, and Bypass Contactor.

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Motor Starters & Power Solutions with  Ecocircuitbreaker.com

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Why there is need of a Safety Switch?

Why there is need of a Safety Switch?

There is inevitably a level of risk involved in the process of standard commercial mechanical and industrial equipment. While ensuring the proper functioning of your system, it is critically vital to take into account the safety of your employees and operators of the system. Safety switches perform a critical role in taking safety measures. They reduce the risk of potential incidents and system failure and act as a lifesaver in some modern equipment.

Our Specialized team is assisting many businesses with the most effective solutions to their problems and preparing them about safety standards. We are offering high-quality products for more extensive protection. Our high-quality switches at numerous industrial units and offices are supporting them to reduce the risk/problems of sudden power failure, mechanical incidents, and overloading. We consistently work for improving tremendously the excellent quality of products we offer and merely ensure paramount safety for your inclusive workplace.

Need more extensive knowledge about the Safety Switch options? If you want to purchase yourself one with the specific needs of your business. Contact us. Our specialized team is available 24/7.

Why there is need of a Square D Safety Switch?

This question comes in mind when purchasing something that, why I require this? Let us assist you in why it is a legal requirement now by current NEC electrical code to include a Square D Safety Switch in all critical tools and equipment, etc. Square D Safety Switches also play a vital role in mitigating the risk and save your assets and employees when something goes amiss.

Other options are used in many places according to their needs like in the same capacity instead of safety or disconnect switches motor starters, are used and remain a more viable option. To sum up all discussion they are not the best option, but yeah Square D Safety Switches offer the most convenient and cost-effective, solution for you.

Is there any benefit of using Square D Safety Switches?

Square D Safety Switch has many benefits, but its most massive benefits are safety. Square D Safety Switch provides protection and long with that they are the quickest and efficient way of dealing with any uncertain incident that suddenly arises and can cause harm. As per legislative requirements, they prevent you from any legal action against you.

Employees and operators protection:

Employees remain the most valuable assets of an organization. Exclusion of one productive employee can naturally take the production level far behind. The problem even in the minor part, of the equipment, can cause harm, or result in personal risk. By strategically placing in the Square D Safety Switches, we can address quickly any uncertain event, issues and undoubtedly save lives and valuable assets.

Equipment Protection:

Equipment is the most important for an organization after the dedicated employees. A minor issue on the machine or equipment and addressed suddenly in a proper manner can cause harm to them and sometimes leads to the ultimate destruction. Square D Safety Switch provides a way to eliminate the massive loss by immediately deactivating the process.   

Our company Ecocircuitbreaker.com continuously struggles to provide high-quality electrical products and ensure maximum safety when used in industrial and commercial applications. If you are looking for a service provider, who can deliver you, the custom solution for your business needs, contact us we are available 24/7.

Custom Control Panel Checklist

Custom Control Panel Checklist

Industries have many essential processes that they want to be smooth, though they outsource the custom control panels. Custom control panels help in increasing the level of control and security to industries. They will not last long and have a limited life which someday will again put in efforts for searching for something better and new for your business.

Our mission is to provide the same products which fulfill the client’s needs. We are achieving our mission by providing unique tools and products to clients. We are helping our customers with the selection of the custom panel’s needs to make the custom orders.

If you want to know more about the custom control panels, feel free to contact us by email. Our dedicated team loves to serve you 24/7 with the best solutions for your problems.

Importance of Custom Control Panels:

Custom control panels are the demand of the fastest-growing industrial era; they provide enormous benefits as discussed above, they support businesses to streamline their processes. They undoubtedly make your system operations simple, fast, provide you better control over them with increase data collection.

The genuine and supreme quality parts in custom control panels did not merely carry out better service with prolonged life, but also make sure the product provided best suits customer business requirements and specification.

Checklist for Custom Control Panels:

The selection process becomes perfect when one knows about what he precisely requires. What did you require? Yeah, it is vital, we not only help you in identifying what you precisely need, but the best thing is our team also helps you in getting it. By achieving this, we completely execute your process of control panel faster and accurate.

Here are some important points you must need to know about:

Control panel application:

It’s significant to know in every detail about the control panel applications, many skip this part, but it is vital, discuss it with our team and made them clear what you need for better services and products.

Custom system:

If you want a custom control panel, then a simple idea about your needs and rough sketch if provided can help us in understanding the need and provide quick services. If you don’t have anything in mind, don’t worry, let us do it for you.

Programming of Panels:

Programming of the panel is a vital part of their functionality. It’s good to have specialized people dealing with this kind of task to avoid risks.

Voltage Requirements of Panel:

For proper functionality voltage of the panel must be according to the components requirements. Ensure that you provide the voltage requirement to our team.

NEMA Standards/Requirements:

Read the NEMA standards thoroughly and analyze which level of protection and safety works best for your control panels according to the environment by making sure of hazards areas.

Custom Control Panel Services:

Our certifications Includes:

• UL508A/cUL 508A

• ISO 9001

• UL508A Hazardous Locations

Whenever you need custom panels with specific needs, feel free to contact us. Our team has a specialty in the manufacturing and design of control panels. Put your trust in our talented team to work on your projects by carefully maintaining international standards.

If you want to know more about panels, then feel free to contact us. Our Specialist loves to answer the clients’ questions and provide them valuable advice about the custom control panel its fabrication and design. You can reach out to us by Email.

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Why You Need to Label Your Electrical Control Panel?

Why You Need to Label Your Electrical Control Panel?

Let’s get started with an example. You need to go to a certain place in a new city. You arrive there and started to look for the street name and number and unfortunately, you came to know that there is no street name or number marked. You will be lost in finding out the correct address. Now talking about Electrical panels if there is no labeling on the panel it will be dangerous and difficult for the consumer to operate the panel.

Today we  Ecocircuitbreaker.com, will be talking about the importance of labeling a panel. As we are a leading supplier of Electrical equipment and services across the country, our efforts are always towards the safety of personnel and equipment. This is the reason we always persuade the importance of safety and ease of electrical equipment. Let’s talk in detail over this.

Safety Is the Biggest Factor

Electrical equipment is the most important component of your business. If it fails to operate there might be a great chance of destruction to your business. Moreover, the Electrical panel is like the heart, which monitors and governs the flow of electricity.

This importance of electrical panel shows that whenever there is a problem with any equipment, you must know what breaker or fuse is responsible to handle those sections power. This means that if a breaker trips you need to know where it is located and what needs to be checked before resetting it.

Missing out labeling of an electrical panel is one of the most common violations of OSHA. There are heavy fines to be imposed for breaking the rules and it is done for the sole purpose of personnel and equipment safety. So, must label your panels to avoid any tension and a heavy fine.

It Makes Maintenance Easier

In heavy industries, there are tons of machinery and electrical equipment is installed. This equipment also requires maintenance from time to time on a regular bases. So, in the maintenance process unplugging the equipment might be difficult and won’t work. Thus cutting off the power for the whole section is the easiest way and safest method.

Now you reach out the panel to turn off the section and find outs there is not a single label out there on the panel. You will try to figure out the exact breaker for that section and this process will waste your precious time and energy. At that time, you will realize that a simple label would have saved you from this hard work and you would have done something more important than wasting time over this.

Prepare Yourself for Emergencies

At  Ecocircuitbreaker.com we always talk about the importance of backup power in power outages. In any emergency situation related to electrical power, a timely response is the main factor for the safety of humans and equipment. In the case of a manual Square D transfer switch, you must know which breaker is responsible for certain section and circuits. If the panel is clearly labeled it will be much easier to work around it.

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What Is the Difference Between a Safety Switch & a Circuit Breaker?

What Is the Difference Between a Safety Switch & a Circuit Breaker?

 Ecocircuitbreaker.com’s team is always providing a lot of useful information regarding safety devices and instructions for the sole purpose off saving your business from any harm. Why do we intend to do this? Because there are many false impressions about many devices and concepts. It causes a lot of confusion that results in choosing of wrong equipment which can lead you to a great risk. We will be discussing the difference between circuit breakers and safety switches.

Our team specialists are keen to provide our clients with the best services and products for their needs. If you need to find more details about electrical safety equipment or our services kindly reach us via a call or an email.

What’s the Difference?

The common misconception about these two devices is that they are same and function likely. But honestly speaking it is wrong!  Both devices might be present in an electrical control panel but they serve different functions.

A safety switch works by monitoring the current running in electrical circuits for different applications. Generally, safety switches are used for expensive and large equipment such as machines, conveyor belts, heavy equipment. It monitors the flow of current and detects any faults. Whenever it detects any difference of current due to short circuit, leakage or due to any other equipment failure, the safety switch disconnects the power supply within milliseconds.

Buy square D safety switch and Square D circuit breaker.

Most of you will be familiar with a circuit breaker at homes. Usually, when you try to plug a heater or other powerful device to a small capacity circuit, it will cause a breaker to trip and cut off power. Circuit Breaker works by monitoring the overloading of a circuit. If any circuit starts to draw too much power beyond the limit of breaker it will cause a breaker to trip and cut off the power.

Sounds Similar!

If we look at the functionality of both the devices, there is a great chance that we will come across considering both similar as both of them cut off power when necessary. But in case of the circuit breaker, it will only look up the overload or excess current. It will do nothing in case of electrical leakage or short circuit. That means circuit breaker will never save anyone from shock injury and there is always a chance of getting harmed if you only depend upon CB. This is the most critical difference between both devices.

On the other hand, safety switches will lookup for any irregularities in electrical power flow and will cut off the power if found any. If we try to sum up our discussion and make the ending notes in layman language it would not be wrong if we say, Safety Switch protects people and appliances while Circuit Breakers protect wiring. That is why it is advised to use both the devices for your business protection and people lives.

Safety Switches for Your Commercial Business

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What is a closed transition Square D transfer switch?

What is a closed transition Square D transfer switch?

In today’s era of the digital world, the main concern of all the business to be productive and successful is to stay accessible to the online world. To overcome this apprehension most of the businesses depends upon personal generator in case of power loss to power the equipment, safety devices to lessen the damage, and other accessories to make sure the operation of the equipment is smooth and reliable.

One of those accessories is a Square D transfer switch, a device that connects the generator to the system. Here, Square D transfer switches are of different types and functionality to perform operations in different situations. So, it would be difficult to choose the correct one according to our requirements. But don’t worry, we  ECOCIRCUITBREAKER.COM are here to state purpose of Closed Transition Square D transfer switch for you.

Find out more variety of Square D transfer switches or other safety equipment at products section. If still confused, feel free to contact our support team at  Ecocircuitbreaker.com.

What is a Square D transfer switch?

A Square D transfer switch is a device that switches the power from a supply company to the generator and vice versa. After installing the correct Square D transfer switch for your requirements, all you need to do in case of emergency or power outage is Turn ON the transition switch. If you have installed the manual Square D transfer switch you need to manually operate it for transferring the power source. However, an automatic Square D transfer switch does all the work by itself giving you relief of manually interacting to it and restore the power immediately.

What does Closed Transition Means?

The term Closed Transition is among the technical terms used for various states and transitions of Square D transfer switches. The difference between these terms is how does a Square D transfer switch open and closes connections in order to transfer the power from utility and generator power.

The connection between the generator supply and utility supply is held unless a stable connection is formed. Although the duration of this connection is very low, the advantage of this short overlap of supplies eradicates any interruption of electrical power and ensuring the transfer of power in a smooth way contrary to the Open Transition switches.

What are the benefits of this switch?

The main advantage of this type of transition switches is based on its characteristics of connection “make before break”. Most f the industries do not tolerate the loss of power for one second, also this must requirement of electrical power is needed by manufacturers, data centers, hospitals, and other emergency services etc.

It is very common for electrical power to get break down during testing. So, transition switch helps and make sure the power is running smoothly even if some breakdown happens during electrical drills because of its integration with the generator.

Closed Transition Square D transfer switches from  ECOCIRCUITBREAKER.COM

 ECOCIRCUITBREAKER.COM is always ready to provide its clients with the best reliable products due to its leading business in transition switches production and power safety solutions. Feel free to contact our support team at  Ecocircuitbreaker.com for guidance.

Automatic Transfer Switch-Pros & Cons

Automatic Transfer Switch-Pros & Cons:

In this modern era from a single home to a leading industry, everyone is consuming electricity abundantly; it is the essential need of industry nowadays. The production process is highly demanding the electric supply and can get ceased in its absence. The vital need for power urges businesses to include the alternative source (generators) in their contingency planning to overcome power outages due to any incident or mainly powerful disaster. With the use of a generator, they typically need a transfer switch.

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Whether the transfer switch should be manual or automatic? We have provided enough detail in our previous discussions if you are a newbie or don’t have an idea you must check them out for better understanding and knowledge If you have an idea, then it’s great we are going to discuss in detail the pros and cons of an automatic switch today.

Here is the list Square D automatic switch.

Our specialized team of engineers is striving to offer premium quality products by accessing the client’s needs. If you need the guidance of want to learn more about the products, feel free to contact us.

What’s Automatic Transfer Switch?

As by the word automatic in its name, you can get the idea that automatic transfer switch doesn’t require input, and work automatically. An automatic transfer switch is in a Square D tap box. It acts as a link between the backup generator and equipment. In case of an incident or power outage, the Automatic switch function is to provide power to the designated circuit.

 Automatic switch installation helps seamlessly changing power. It detects the power outage from the grid and switches over to the generator to provide power to the equipment and when grid power gets restored switch automatically changes back. Automatic transfer switch provides some other significant benefits, which include:

•         Quick restoration of a power outage

•         Automatic operation

•         Safe operation than manual restoration

Drawbacks of Automatic transfer switch?

Every business has different types of equipment and machines, so the power system and automatic switches are made according to them. They are custom according to the needs of an organization and installation is according to that which makes them costly than the manual switch. When you are going for the automation, keep in mind that you have to wait until the installation of a transfer switch emergency system.

Automatic transfer switches are an electrical appliance, so they need to be maintained regularly to function accurately and avail the uninterrupted services. Maintenance cost is not that much, but in comparison to the manual, it is negligible, but we cannot neglect it.

Brief detail:


•         Increased safety

•         Quick connection

•         No labor required for a switch

•         No complicated process for switching


•         Expensive then manual switch

•         Require regular maintenance

•         Take time in installation

Recommendations by our certified team:

We highly recommend Square D Automatic transfer switch. In this modern era of business, competition is very high, and automation becomes vital to get accuracy and safety. Automatic transfer switch provides smooth power to run operations in times of emergency.

If you need more assistance with the automatic switches or looking for more products we are offering that best suits your needs, feel free to contact us we will be glad to assist you in the best way.

Benefits of Fused Disconnect Switches

Benefits of Fused Disconnect Switches

Choosing the right option for your business growth is very imperative. There is a lot of options with which you are familiar, like safety switches, circuit breakers, or fused disconnects, and one should take time in selecting the best one. Among the discussed options, there is confusion about the fused disconnect switches. Our specialized team can help you with any confusion about the fused disconnect switches, and give you a better understanding of its applications, advantages of these tools in your business.

We passionately love to serve our potential clients and properly educating them by heart is our top priority, we undoubtedly do this in the best possible way we can, which positively make us gently covering fused disconnect in the present time.

If you genuinely want to typically use the high-quality electrical safety products in an established business or seeking premium quality fused disconnects that adapt your specific needs? Feel free to check our product catalogs for the best options available for you. Contact us if you have any question in your mind.

Fused Disconnect Switches:

There is an extensive discussion about Fused Disconnect Switches in previous posts. We will succinctly summarize it again for you here, fused disconnect function when an overload or short is detected, it instantly opens the circuit and disengages power quickly and neutralizes the situation.

Whenever a fused disconnect detects the destructive problem power off the system, by melting a fuse. A fuse in disconnect is replaced completely by the new one in the rectification process to restore power.

Advantages of a Fused Disconnect Switch:

A person has to carefully choose between time and cost while carefully considering between fused disconnect and switchable disconnect. Switchable disconnects remain a favorable choice where time matters a lot. Fused disconnect took time to replace the fuse.

A fuse disconnect switches have their unique advantages, and in some situations, it becomes necessary to use them. The comparative advantages are as follow:

Monitoring of higher loads:

Fuse disconnect can carry high Amps Interrupting Capacity. They are used in major industrial equipment which carries an exceptionally high load. A more significant number of fuses in the fuse disconnect makes it more precisely to monitor huge draws of power.

The Safest Option for users:

The system power will be shut off immediately with no delays when a fused disconnect detects an issue in the system it’s monitoring. This specialty makes fuse disconnect superior and favorable in applications where equipment carries harmful risks to the user of that equipment.

Fulfillment of NEC requirements:

The presence of a fuse is mandatory in many types of equipment within the system. A fused disconnect is the simple, preferred, and efficient way of adding a fuse in the equipment rather than the other ways to meet the code requirement along with the equipment-specific needs.

Safety Equipment and Fused Disconnects.

If you are looking for any emergency electrical and fail false equipment, Fused disconnects, control systems, or Square D breaker to increase the safety, and business production. Our specialized team of engineers can help you to find one. Feel free to contact us.

How to Choose a Generator Tap Box?

How to Choose a Generator Tap Box

One of the most material parts of contingency planning is to prevent businesses from unpredictable harmful situations, which can place your business at risk and cause a disturbance in productivity. To avoid the risk which includes power outages, a combination of the backup generators with a tap box is compelling. This combination with transfer switch gives you the freedom to power on the equipment and run smooth production operations.

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One of the most material parts of contingency planning is to prevent businesses from unpredictable harmful situations, which can place your business at risk and cause a disturbance in productivity. To avoid the risk which includes power outages, a combination of the backup generators with a Square D tap box is compelling. This combination with schneider electric transfer switch gives you the freedom to power on the equipment and run smooth production operations.

We offer customization to our clients and cover a vast range of customizable Tap Box Products. Just don’t wait to check specifications about the product and contact us if you need more details.

What is Tap Box?

We have explained about the tap box in pervious articles in detail, as this is undoubtedly a vital decision you are gently going to make we will passionately love to elaborate them again, its importance and role to you for better understanding. The circuit requires power immediately from the backup generator when the power goes out, and it is not wise to connect both of them directly. A tap box switch plays an intermediary role here and provides a safe way to power to the circuit.

To make a connection the secure and sound circuit which needs emergency power is connected to the tap box and tap box then connects to the backup generator which adequately supplies sufficient power.

Factors Impacting Tap Box Choice

With the detailed discussion in this and previous topics, you are currently enlightened with some knowledge to recognize the substantial factors. Let’s discuss some more details to make your decision perfect. Listed below are vital points to consider while purchasing a tap box.

Tap box Location:

There are various locations on which you can mount the Tap box. To locate a tap box varies from product to product, you can fix the Tap box on a wall or the floor. The best option among all the other is to place it near to the main electrical access panel, but sometimes it’s difficult to do so. You can take professional help for Tap box placement to mount it on your ideal spot.

Ampere Requirement:

When dealing with the power equipment, it’s necessary to check the requirements of equipment, tools, and applications. The amperage requirement of a backup generator, Transfer switch in tap box, and tap box itself should be the same for types of equipment to work.

Critical Business need and Budget:

Evaluate your Emergency power system needs and enlist them by their importance in your business. No doubt Tap box has many benefits, and the emergency power system is proven to be beneficial for business, but you must act wisely by staying in your budget and follow the list. Complete your needs one by one from a top of the list to bottom.

Certified Engineers Assistance about Generator Tap Box Products and Custom Fabrication

If you are finding it difficult to decide and need help, we gladly welcome you to avail of the free services of Certified Electrical Engineers to help you in purchasing the best product for your business. You can reach us out by email or just give us a call.